Ronde van Vlaanderen U23

Ronde Van Vlaanderen Beloften
Race details
Date Early-April
Region Flanders, Belgium
English name Tour of Flanders for U23
Local name(s) Ronde van Vlaanderen Beloften
Discipline Road
Competition UCI Europe Tour
Type One-day
First edition 1936 (1936)
Editions 71 (as of 2015)
First winner  W.'t Jolijn (BEL)
Most wins  Ludovic Capelle (BEL) (2 wins)
Most recent  David Per (SVN)

Ronde Van Vlaanderen Beloften (English: Tour of Flanders U23) is a Flanders Classics road bicycle race. It is the version of the Tour of Flanders for Under 23 riders; it is usually contested a week after the Ronde van Vlaanderen. Ludovic Capelle is the only rider who has been able to win this race twice. Since 2008 the race has been included on the Cup of Nations calendar, and it is restricted to national teams.


Rider Team
1936 Belgium Jolijn, W.'tW.'t Jolijn (BEL)
1937 Belgium Dujardin, RogerRoger Dujardin (BEL)
1938 Belgium Declerck, AndréAndré Declerck (BEL)
1939 Belgium Sercu, AlbertAlbert Sercu (BEL)
No race
1947 Belgium Rondelé, FlorentFlorent Rondelé (BEL)
1948 Belgium Decock, RogerRoger Decock (BEL)
1949 Belgium Mekeirel, ValèraValèra Mekeirel (BEL)
1950 Belgium Lefèvre, JosephJoseph Lefèvre (BEL)
1951 Belgium Deschacht, AiméAimé Deschacht (BEL)
1952 Belgium Victor, LucienLucien Victor (BEL)
1953 Belgium Muylle, RenéRené Muylle (BEL)
1954 Netherlands Rusman, WimWim Rusman (NED)
1955 Belgium Decabooter, ArthurArthur Decabooter (BEL)
1956 Belgium De Smet, GustaafGustaaf De Smet (BEL)
1957 Belgium Denoyette, JoséJosé Denoyette (BEL)
1958 Belgium Mortiers, GeorgesGeorges Mortiers (BEL)
1959 Belgium Goossens, ConstantConstant Goossens (BEL)
1960 Belgium Vanden Berghen, WillyWilly Vanden Berghen (BEL)
1961 Belgium Dumez, ErnestErnest Dumez (BEL)
1962 Belgium Sels, EdwardEdward Sels (BEL)
No race
1965 Belgium Boons, JozefJozef Boons (BEL)
1966 Belgium Van Kuyck, GregoireGregoire Van Kuyck (BEL)
1967 Belgium Vansweevelt, ValèreValère Vansweevelt (BEL)
1968 Belgium Dierickx, AndréAndré Dierickx (BEL)
1969 Belgium Van Linden, RikRik Van Linden (BEL)
1970 Belgium Sannen, MarcelMarcel Sannen (BEL)
1971 Belgium Demeyer, MarcMarc Demeyer (BEL)
1972 Belgium Benaets, YvanYvan Benaets (BEL)
1973 Belgium Meernhout, MarcMarc Meernhout (BEL)
1974 Belgium Van der Slagmolen, MarcelMarcel Van der Slagmolen (BEL)
1975 Belgium Copmans, EddyEddy Copmans (BEL)
1976 Belgium De Keyser, PaulPaul De Keyser (BEL)
1977 Belgium De Nul, JohnnyJohnny De Nul (BEL)
1978 Belgium Devos, PatrickPatrick Devos (BEL)
1979 Belgium Colijn, LucLuc Colijn (BEL)
1980 Belgium Devos, WernerWerner Devos (BEL)
1981 Belgium Vanderaerden, EricEric Vanderaerden (BEL)
1982 Belgium Segers, NoëlNoël Segers (BEL)
1983 Belgium Verleyen, FrankFrank Verleyen (BEL)
1984 Belgium Deleye, PhilippePhilippe Deleye (BEL)
1985 Belgium Pattyn, FrankyFranky Pattyn (BEL)
1986 Belgium Van Hooydonck, EdwigEdwig Van Hooydonck (BEL)
1987 Belgium Assez, MarcMarc Assez (BEL)
1988 Belgium Van Craeynest, EddyEddy Van Craeynest (BEL)
1989 Belgium Hoydonckx, PeterPeter Hoydonckx (BEL)
1990 Belgium Sels, WimWim Sels (BEL)
1991 Belgium Desmet, NicoNico Desmet (BEL)
1992 Belgium Omloop, WimWim Omloop (BEL)
1993 Belgium Liboton, MarioMario Liboton (BEL)
1994 Belgium Giesberts, LudoLudo Giesberts (BEL)
1995 Belgium De Geyter, JohanJohan De Geyter (BEL)
1996 Belgium Capelle, LudovicLudovic Capelle (BEL)
1997 Belgium Capelle, LudovicLudovic Capelle (BEL)
1998 Belgium Guns, JurgenJurgen Guns (BEL)
1999 Belgium Hulsmans, KevinKevin Hulsmans (BEL)
2000 Netherlands Traksel, BobbieBobbie Traksel (NED) Rabobank GS3
2001 Belgium Sentjens, RoyRoy Sentjens (BEL) Rabobank GS3
2002 Belgium Nuyens, NickNick Nuyens (BEL) Domo-Latexco Retie
2003 Belgium De Vocht, WimWim De Vocht (BEL) Quick Step-Davitamon-Latexco
2004 Italy Visconti, GiovanniGiovanni Visconti (ITA) Italy (national team)
2005 Belgium Dehaes, KennyKenny Dehaes (BEL)
2006 Belgium Ista, KevynKevyn Ista (BEL) VC Roubaix
2007 Moldova Pliuschin, AlexandreAlexandre Pliuschin (MDA) Chambéry Cyclisme Formation
2008 Latvia Smukulis, GatisGatis Smukulis (LAT)
2009 Belgium Ghyselinck, JanJan Ghyselinck (BEL)
2010 Slovenia Kump, MarkoMarko Kump (SLO)
2011 Italy Puccio, SalvatoreSalvatore Puccio (ITA)
2012 Belgium Vanbilsen, KennethKenneth Vanbilsen (BEL)
2013 Germany Zabel, RickRick Zabel (GER)
2014 Netherlands Groenewegen, DylanDylan Groenewegen (NED)
2015 Australia Edmondson, AlexanderAlexander Edmondson (AUS)
2016 Slovenia Per, DavidDavid Per (SVN)
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