Regions of Kazakhstan

Regions of Kazakhstan
Қазақстан аймақтары (Kazakh)
Регионы Казахстана (Russian)
Also known as:
West Kazakhstan Region Atyrau Region Mangystau Region Aktobe Region Kyzylorda Region South Kazakhstan Region Jambyl Region Almaty Region Karagandy Region East Kazakhstan Region Pavlodar Region Akmola Region North Kazakhstan Region Kostanay Region Astana Almaty Baykonur Oral Atyrau Aktau Aktobe Kostanay Kyzylorda Petropavl Kokshetau Shymkent Karaganda Taraz Pavlodar Taldykorgan Oskemen
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Category Unitary state
Location Republic of Kazakhstan
Number 14 regions & 3 cities (Almaty, Astana, Baikonur)
Populations 36,175 (Baikonur) – 2,685,009 (South Kazakhstan)
Areas 680 km2 (263 sq mi) (Almaty) - 427,980 km2 (165,245 sq mi) (Karaganda)
Government Region government, National government
Subdivisions District

Kazakhstan is divided into 14 regions (Kazakh: облыстар / oblıstar; singular: облыс / oblıs; Russian: области / oblasti; singular: область / oblast' ). The regions are further subdivided into districts (Kazakh: аудандар / awdandar; singular: аудан / awdan; Russian: районы / rayony; singular: район / rayon ).

Full English name Type Full Kazakh name Full Russian name standard time
Akmola Region region Ақмола облысы
Aqmola oblısı
Акмолинская область
Akmolinskaya Oblast′
Aktobe Region region Ақтөбе облысы
Aqtöbe oblısı
Актюбинская область
Aktyubinskaya Oblast
Almaty city[nb 1] Алматы қаласы
Almatı qalası
город Алматы
gorod Almaty
Almaty Region region Алматы облысы
Almatı oblısı
Алматинская область
Almatinskaya Oblast
Astana city[nb 1] Астана қаласы
Astana qalası
город Астана
gorod Astana
Atyrau Region region[nb 2] Атырау облысы
Atıraw oblısı
Атырауская область
Atyrauskaya Oblast
Baikonur city[nb 3] Байқоңыр қаласы
Bayqoñır qalası
город Байконур
gorod Baykonur
East Kazakhstan Region region Шығыс Қазақстан облысы
Şığıs Qazaqstan oblısı
Восточно-Казахстанская область
Vostochno-Kazakhstanskaya Oblast
Jambyl Region region Жамбыл облысы
Jambıl oblısı
Жамбылская область
Zhambylskaya Oblast
Karaganda Region region Қарағанды облысы
Qarağandı oblısı
Карагандинская область
Karagandinskaya Oblast
Kostanay Region region Қостанай облысы
Qostanay oblısı
Костанайская область
Kostanayskaya Oblast
Kyzylorda Region region Қызылорда облысы
Qızılorda oblısı
Кызылординская область
Kyzylordinskaya Oblast
Mangystau Region region Маңғыстау облысы
Mañğıstaw oblısı
Мангыстауская область
Mangystauskaya Oblast
North Kazakhstan Region region Солтүстік Қазақстан облысы
Soltüstik Qazaqstan oblısı
Северо-Казахстанская область
Severo-Kazakhstanskaya Oblast
Pavlodar Region region Павлодар облысы
Pavlodar oblısı
Павлодарская область
Pavlodarskaya Oblast
South Kazakhstan Region region Оңтүстік Қазақстан облысы
Oñtüstik Qazaqstan oblısı
Южно-Казахстанская область
Yuzhno-Kazakhstanskaya Oblast
West Kazakhstan Region region[nb 2] Батыс Қазақстан облысы
Batıs Qazaqstan oblısı
Западно-Казахстанская область
Zapadno-Kazakhstanskaya Oblast


^1 Almaty and Astana cities have the status of State importance and do not relate to any region.
^2 The West Kazakhstan and Atyrau regions are both partly located in Eastern Europe as the Ural River run through Atyrau and Oral, their respective capital cities.
^3 Baikonur city has a special status because it is currently being leased to Russia with Baikonur Cosmodrome until the year 2050.

Demographic statistics

Entity Capital Area (km2) Population
(2009 census)
ISO 3166-2 Code
Akmola Region Kokshetau 146,219 731,133 KZ-AKM
Aktobe Region Aktobe 300,629 786,209 KZ-AKT
Almaty Almaty 319 1,450,095 KZ-ALA
Almaty Region Taldykorgan 223,924 1,909,189 KZ-ALM
Astana Astana 710 734,014 KZ-AST
Atyrau Region Atyrau 118,631 542,937 KZ-ATY
Baikonur Baikonur 57 70,000 KZ-BAY*
East Kazakhstan Region Oskemen 283,226 1,394,963 KZ-VOS
Jambyl Region Taraz 144,264 1,055,942 KZ-ZHA
Karaganda Region Karaganda 427,982 1,357,943 KZ-KAR
Kostanay Region Kostanay 196,001 879,523 KZ-KUS
Kyzylorda Region Kyzylorda 226,019 712,915 KZ-KZY
Mangystau Region Aktau 165,642 545,975 KZ-MAN
North Kazakhstan Region Petropavl 97,993 583,561 KZ-SEV
Pavlodar Region Pavlodar 124,800 746,829 KZ-PAV
South Kazakhstan Region Shymkent 117,249 2,622,125 KZ-YUZ
West Kazakhstan Region Oral 151,339 612,516 KZ-ZAP

Former Administrative Boundaries

Change of oblast names and boundaries from 1954 to today

Over the last 60 years, both the distribution and names of regions of Kazakhstan have changed considerably. Major changes were several fusions and splits between Guryev and Mangystau, Karaganda and Dzhezkazgan, Almaty and Taldy-Kurgan, East Kazakhstan and Semipalatinsk and Kostanay, Turgay and Tselinograd, respectively. Changes in region names were often in line with the renaming of cities, such as in the case of Alma-Ata/Almaty. After the administrative reform in 1997, the last change happened since then took place in 1999, when parts of North Kazakhstan that originally belonged to Kokshetau region became part of Akmola. The 1990s merges were in order to dilute Russian population in the resulting region and to avoid having regions where Russians form majority.[1]


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