List of 2008 UCI Professional Continental and Continental teams

Listed below are the UCI Professional Continental and Continental Teams that compete in road bicycle racing events of the UCI Continental Circuits organised by the International Cycling Union (UCI). The UCI Continental Circuits are divided in 5 continental zones, the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania.

UCI professional continental teams

According to the UCI Rulebook, "a professional continental team is an organisation created to take part in road events open to professional continental teams. It is known by a unique name and registered with the UCI in accordance with the provisions below.

List of current UCI Africa Tour professional teams

Code Official Team Name Country Website
No team registered

List of 2008 UCI America Tour professional teams

As of 29 January 2008.[1]

Code Official Team Name Country
SDA Serramenti PVC Diquigiovanni-Androni Giocattoli Venezuela
BMC BMC Racing Team United States
TSL Team Garmin-Chipotle (formerly Slipstream-Chipotle) United States

List of 2008 UCI Asia Tour professional teams

Code Official Team Name Country
No Team registered

List of 2008 UCI Europe Tour professional teams

As of 27 January 2008[2]

Code Official Team Name Country
ELK Elk Haus-Simplon Austria
VBG Team Volksbank Austria
LAN Landbouwkrediet-Tönissteiner Belgium
TSV Topsport Vlaanderen Belgium
PSK PSK Whirlpool-Author Czech Republic
ACA Andalucía-Cajasur Spain
SPI Extremadura-Ciclismo Solidario Spain
GNM Grupo Nicolas Mateos-Murcia Spain
KGZ Karpin-Galicia Spain
MIT Mitsubishi-Jartazi Estonia
AGR Agritubel France
BAR Barloworld United Kingdom
FLM Ceramica Flaminia-Bossini Docce Ireland
CSF CSF Group-Navigare Ireland
LPR L.P.R. Brakes Ireland
ASA Acqua & Sapone-Caffè Mokambo Italy
TCS Tinkoff Credit Systems Italy
GAP Preti Mangimi Luxembourg
SKS Skil-Shimano Netherlands
SLB Benfica Portugal
NGC NGC Medical-OTC Indutria Porte Switzerland
COS Cycle Collstrop Sweden

List of 2008 UCI Oceania Tour professional teams

As of 29 January 2008[3]

Code Official Team Name Country
No team registered

UCI Continental Teams

According to the UCI Rulebook, "a UCI continental team is a team of road riders recognised and licensed to take part in events on the continental calendars by the national federation of the nationality of the majority of its riders and registered with the UCI. The precise structure (legal and financial status, registration, guarantees, standard contract, etc.) of these teams shall be determined by the regulations of the national federation."

Riders may be professional or amateur.

List of 2008 UCI Africa Tour teams

Code Official Team Name Country
KON Team Konica Minolta–Bizhub South Africa

List of 2008 UCI America Tour teams

Updated for 2008[4]

Code Official Team Name Country
MEM Memorial-Fupes-Santos Brazil
Scott-Marcondes Cesar Brazil
SYM Symmetrics Professional Cycling Team Canada
TRP Team R.A.C.E Pro Canada
BOY Boyacá es Para Vivirla-Marche Team Colombia
CEP Colombia es Pasión Colombia
UOT Une Orbitel Colombia
TUA Tecos de la Universidad de Guadalajara Mexico
OSN - Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. United States
HNM Health Net Pro Cycling Team presented by Maxxis United States
COL Colavita / Sutter Home Presented by Cooking Light United States
JBC Jelly Belly Cycling Team United States
ABB Bissell Pro Cycling Team United States
NER Nerac Pro Cycling United States
KBM Kelly Benefit Strategies / Medifast United States
RAP Rite Aid Pro Cycling United States
SLP Presented by Parkpre United States
RRC Rock Racing United States
TUT Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team United States
JIT The Jittery Joe's Pro Cycling Team United States

List of 2008 UCI Asia Tour teams

Updated for 2007[5]

Code Official Team Name Country
MPC Trek-Marco Polo Cycling Team China
HKG Hong Kong Pro Cycling Hong Kong
PSN Polygon Sweet Nice Indonesia
mes mes kerman Cycling Team Iran
NIP Nippo-Meitan Hompo Japan
MYT Miyata-Subaru Japan
MTR Matrix Powertag Japan
AIS Aisan Racing Team Japan
L2A LeTua Cycling Team Malaysia
TM Telekom Malaysia Cycling Team Malaysia
DOT Doha Team Qatar
GNT Giant Asia Racing Team Taiwan

List of 2008 UCI Europe Tour teams

Code Official Team Name Country
SWI Team Swiag Teka Austria
RAD RC Arbo Resch & Frisch Wels Austria
APO ApoSport Krone Linz Austria
PRA Team Plast - Recycling - Austria Austria
PZC Profel Ziegler Continental Team Belgium
PCW Pole Continental Wallon Bergasol - Euro Millions Belgium
PCO Palmans Collstrop Belgium
PBH Pictoflex Bikeland Hyundai Belgium
BLV Bodysol - Win for Life - Jong Vlaanderen Belgium
ABM Yawadoo - Colba - ABM Belgium
JAR Jartazi - 7Mobile Belgium
FLA Flanders Belgium
UBD Unibet - Davo Belgium
FID Fidea Cycling Team Belgium
TZS Tzar Simeon - MBN Bulgaria
CCB Cycling Club Burgas Bulgaria
HEM Hemus 1896 - Berneschi Bulgaria
ADP ASC Dukla Praha Czech Republic
BEI CK Windoor's Příbram Czech Republic
PSK PSK Whirlpool Hradec Kralove Czech Republic
TDL Team Dukla Liberec Czech Republic
ASP AC Sparta Praha Czech Republic
TPH Team GLS Denmark
DES Team Designa Kokken Denmark
GLU Glud & Marstrand Horsens Denmark
VBT Team Vision Bikes Denmark
SPI Spiuk - Extremadura Spain
MAS Massi Spain
GNM Grupo Nicolas Mateos Spain
VMC Vina Magna - Cropu Spain
ORB Orbea Spain
KCT Kalev Chocolate Team Estonia
BJF Groupe Sportif Bretagne - Jean Floch France
AUB Auber 93 France
PCA Plowman Craven - Evans Cycles United Kingdom
RCY United Kingdom
TRS Team Regionstrom - Senges Germany
CTM Continental Team Milram Germany
TET Thuringer Energie Team Germany
STV Stevens Racing Team Germany
TNB Team Germany
TLM Team Lamonta Germany
HVH Heinz Von Heiden Team Hannover Germany
TSP Team Sparkasse Germany
PNB P-Nivó Betonexpressz 2000 Hungary
TMG Team Murphy & Gunn / Newlyn Ireland
SKT An Post-M.Donnelly-Grant Thornton-Sean Kelly Team Ireland
TUC CB Immobiliare - Universal Caffe Italy
ODL OTC Doors - Lauretana Italy
DNL Dynatek - Latvia Latvia
RBR Rietumu Banka - Riga Latvia
CCD Continental Cycling Team Differdange Luxembourg
UBB Ubbink - Syntec Cycling Team Netherlands
KST KrolStonE Continental Team Netherlands
BEC B&E Cycling Team Netherlands
CJP Cyclingteam Jo Piels Netherlands
VVE Van Vijet - EBH - Advocaten Netherlands
PCH Procomm - Van Hemert Netherlands
RBJ Rabobank Netherlands
FPT Fondas P3Transfer Team Netherlands
LOW Team Lowik Meubelen Netherlands
TMB Team Maxbo Bianchi Norway
SPA Team Sparebanken Vest Norway
DHL DHL - Author Poland
AMO Amore & Vita - McDonald's Poland
NBL Nobless Poland
SPL CCC Polsat Poland
KNF Knauf Team Poland
MBK MBK - Cycles - Scout Poland
LEG Legia - Bazyliszek Poland
RBA Riberalves-Alcobaça Portugal
ASC Vitória-ASC Portugal
PRM Paredes Rota dos Moveis Portugal
BHL Barbot-Halcon Portugal
CAB Riberalves-Boavista Portugal
MAI LA-MSS Portugal
LAL Liberty Seguros Continental Portugal
DUJ Duja/Tavira Portugal
IMO Madeinox-Bric-Loule Portugal
KOF Tinkoff Restaurants Russia
PRE Premier Russia
ODM Omnibike Dynamo Moscow Russia
END Team Endeka Serbia
PER Perutnina Ptuj Slovenia
RAR Radenska Powerbar Slovenia
SAK Sava Slovenia
ADR Adria Mobil Slovenia
HAD Hadimec Switzerland
DUK Dukla Trencin Slovakia

List of 2008 UCI Oceania Tour teams

Code Official Team Name Country
SLV Savings & Loans Cycling Team Australia
SAI Australia
FRF FRF Couriers - ExcelPro Australia


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