Battle of Rheinberg

Battle of Rheinberg
Part of the Seven Years' War
Date12 June 1758
LocationRheinberg, present-day North Rhine-Westphalia
Result Indecisive
Province of Hanover Hanover
Hesse Hesse-Kassel
 Great Britain
Commanders and leaders
Province of Hanover Duke of Brunswick Kingdom of France Comte de Clermont

The Battle of Rheinberg took place on 12 June 1758 in Rheinberg, Germany during the Seven Years' War. A French force under the command of Comte de Clermont and an Anglo-German force under the command of the Duke of Brunswick fought a largely indecisive battle. It was a precursor to the more decisive Battle of Krefeld nine days later.[1]


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Coordinates: 51°32′48″N 6°36′02″E / 51.5467°N 6.6006°E / 51.5467; 6.6006

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